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                              Myanmar Christian Institute

         The Lord called Ram Khaw Lian to start Myanmar Christian Institute (MCI) when he was studying Doctor of Ministry program at Union Theological Seminary in the Philippines, in 2003. He completed his study and returned home in April 2004 and started MCI from the small rented house of Ram in the first week of September 2004 with 20 students and three lecturers. The Lord bless the ministry of MCI, so the Lord brings 50 students at MCI every year. In June 2009, the Lord blessed the ministry of MCI so MCI school is extended into different locations in Myanmar.

          MCI is a home or church based bible schools in Myanmar, so it is easy to start it and bring the courses to anywhere  in the world. 


                   To train leaders for missions and church

   planting movement, in order to reach Myanmar for Christ.

  1. To glorify God by training leaders to have Bible -  

     centered mission education, that is   affordable and   

     available to all.

 2. To equip every believer to win the lost souls for Christ.

 3. To assist one another to find resources for churches

     Planting churches movements in Myanmar and beyond.

  By the grace of God, MCI is extended into three places in Myanmar

  MCI - Yangon

  MCI - Yuzana

  MCI - Hlaitayar

                                   Lecturers of MCI

 1. Dr. Ram Khaw Lian, President

 2. Dr. Cin Sian Mung, Dean

 3. Cin Khan Kam, Administrator 

 4. Dr. Biak Lun

 5. Rev. Ngul Cin Thang

 6. Van Thawng Lian, M.Th.

 7. Dr. Jonathan Ling

 8. Khin Swe, M.A., M. Div.

 9. Novel Thang, B.A., B.Th., M.A.

 10. Tha Cung Lian, M.Div

 13. Lian Za Nang

16. Pau Kho Mang






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