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Grace Family Asia is a network of organic churches in Myanmar for reaching unreached groups and equipping leaders for churches planting churches in Asia.

         Myanmar (Burma) is located in Southeast Asia between India from the West, China from the north, Thailand and Laos from the east and Bay of Bangle and Bangladesh from the west. It is a beautiful country and in the future Myanmar may be trading center for Asia because Myanmar is located between India and China, in which two countries the greatest populations are living in the world. Therefore we see future perspectives how Myanmar will be not only the trading point in Asia but also it will be mission center in the whole Asia. 

         There are 7 major Division and 7 States in Myanmar such as: "Yangon Division, Ayeyawaddy Division, Taninthayi Division, Bago Division, Magwe Division, Mandalay Division, Sakaing Division, and Kachin State, Kaya State, Kayin State, Chin State, Mon State, Rakhine State, and Shan State. Presently, there are about 60 millions population in Myanmar.

    Myanmar peoples are very religious and have devoted themselves to Buddhism since 11th century.Buddhism was already deeply rooted when the the first missionary Adoniram Judson, came to the city of Yangon - formerly known as Rangoon - in 1813. Therefore, Judson said, "it is easier to extract a tooth from a live tiger's mouth than to convert a Burmese Buddhist to Christian faith". But he did not give up his vision, although he knew it would be difficult. Instead, he gave up his life to Christ for Myanmar. God blessed him, and he became one of the most famous missionaries in the world.

      However, the nation still remains gripped in the teachings of Buddha and 50 unreached groups. Therefore,  Grace Family Asia is formed to reach Myanmar for Christ. GFAsia is not a denomination but a network of growing organic churches in Myanmar and beyond.

   Myanmar needs Christ and Christ loves Myanmar.

         GFAsia team invites you to reach Unreached People Groups in Asia by equipping leaders to plant new churches in Asia.

       If you are interested in the work of GFAsia, please write to:

 Ram K. Lian - Director

                        Email: [email protected]

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